Lake County Sheriff Don Bell says students of all ages were on-board when a school bus crashed into a passenger vehicle early Monday morning, February 27.

Photo courtesy of Sheriff Don Bell

"A little after 8:00 a.m. a southbound school bus and a northbound passenger vehicle collided at what we commonly call Lake's Corner and the driver of the passenger vehicle was killed on scene," Bell said. "We brought another bus into the area and offloaded the kids onto the bus and they were taken to Ronan School where parents were notified."

Sheriff Bell says the crash was a corner-to-corner crash, almost a full head-on collision, and that others were injured as well.

"The kids were checked by the Ronan ambulance crew and then they were released to go get checked at the school," Bell said. "The driver of the bus had some minor injuries to his face from glass shrapnel and he was also taken to the hospital. The bus did take pretty severe damage: it pushed the front axle back and flattened the front tire and then knocked the back axle loose."

Lake's Corner, where the accident occurred is about three-quarters of a mile north of Ronan. Sheriff Bell says that he has seen many accidents at this location as it is easy during the long curve to drift into the wrong lane. Highway Patrol is investigating to determine what led to this particular crash.

Sheriff Don Bell provided the photos above and below of the grisly wreckage, a solemn reminder to please take extra precautions to be safe on the roads this time of year.

Photo courtesy of Sheriff Don Bell.
Photo courtesy of Sheriff Don Bell