The April 25 Montana COVID-19 report from the Department of Public Health and Human Services showed one new positive test - in Cascade County. The rest of the state showed no advance in positive cases since Friday. So far, 445 positive tests have been reported out of 12,497 tests. There have been 14 deaths attributed to the coronavirus, 339 have recovered and 11 are hospitalized. In western Montana, Flathead County has reported a total of 37 positive tests, Missoula 39, Lincoln 7, Lake and Ravalli each have 5, Beaverhead has 1. Elsewhere, Gallatin County has 146, Yellowstone (Billings) 77 and Toole County 29. Half of Montana's counties have not reported any positive tests.

In Ravalli County, the COVID-19 Incident Management Team urged the public to be careful during the Phase One Reopening of the state, starting Sunday. It is actually more important to wear masks in public places and to continue to maintain social distancing. Of course, continue to wash your hands often and remember to sanitize. Dr. Carol Calderwood wants to prevent community spread. This next week, Bitterroot Valley school boards will be meeting and each district will possibly decide whether they will reopen after May 7 or stay closed. The Ravalli County Emergency Operations Center is open from 8am to 6pm, 406-375-6650. The Center is available to answer questions about COVID-19, and record out of State arrivals. By the way, Missoula County has more stringent Phase One restrictions, so be informed before you go there.