Open burning is allowed again in Ravalli County. The county commissioners recently rescinded the late summer ban as the general wildfire danger was reduced to "Moderate" in the area. Of course, there are rules to burning organic debris piles, slash piles, ditches and fields. First of all, between now and November 30, restrictions may be returned on a day-to-day basic due to air quality concerns. And, you need to have a Burn Permit before you burn. It's a free statewide program and you can find out more at the Ravalli County website. Once you have permit, you must call and "activate" it on the day you plan to burn.

Please be safe in your project. Get the neighbors involved, always have a steady supply of water and remember, if the fire gets out of control, call 9-1-1. Another tip for the Bitterroot Valley. The wind always picks up and changes directions in the afternoons. Try to get your project done in the mornings. We again remind you about campfires and warming fires as we get into hunting seasons in Montana. Make sure that campfire is out and the coals are cold to the touch before you leave your campsite.