As you may already know, I have what you might call a slight obsession with the one and only Mr. Neil Diamond. There is no one who ever could, or ever will, compare to him. He is the epitomy of a true star. He is a triple threat. He has the moves, the looks and most importantly, the voice. He is the closest you can get to see an angel here on Earth. Given these facts, I was shocked to learn that Penn State is banning one of Neil’s best loved songs, “Sweet Caroline,” from being played at its football games.

  • It is my understanding that this beloved melody has been a staple at Penn State football games for years. The rumor is that Penn State doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have its fans sing the lyrics, “touching me, touching you” because their old football coach was just thrown in jail for molesting little boys. Hmmm. Maybe, and this is just me being crazy. But, maybe they should have cared a little bit more about those boys and a little less about football before all this and then they wouldn’t have to worry about four words in a song, which by the way, is not about child molestation!

  • I have one more thing to say and that is, how dare they! How dare they act as though Neil’s golden piped ballad is not good enough for them. If anything, Neil should be requesting that they stop besmirching his good name by playing his ‘Sweet Caroline’ at the-university-who-protects-child-molesters football games!