The Pharaohplex Cinemas will re-open May 22nd, according to a news release from Joe Mclean on the Hamilton movie theater's website. His crew has been working on remodeling and upgrades - setting up social distancing in the theaters and adding some health safety measures. A problem - no new movies. So, he's planning on some classics (which always look better on the Big Screen anyway). Possibilities are the Harry Potter movies, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and a superhero movie or two or three. The new prices for those will be $3 a person.

But, there's more. If you want to see a movie, but aren't ready to come inside, how about a drive-in? The Pharaohplex Drive-in movie complex will be finished in June. It won't be like the old Starlite Drive-in Theater in Hamilton, with its sometimes less-than-perfect picture. State-of-the-art digital projection is planned. You'll drive your car to Family Fun Night at the drive-in. More details are on the way for those of us who love movies.