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Welcome to our landing spot highlighting the many poems from Flominic, who also is known as Dominic Farrenkopf. His poems will appear here regularly through the year. Weekly you can also find a printed copy at Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. For many, many other poems check his website.


Missi is a good pup,
faithful to her master,
and inserts herself
between him and disaster.
For sure the monster,
in the closet down the hall,
that emerged howling,
in a shrill voice, not so small.
Missi goes on offense
with bark, snarl and bite.
The monster moves back and forth
engaged in the fight.
Buster is also found
in the faithful friend class,
and he’ll fight to protect
his master, a wee lass.
There’s a beast roaring
down at the end of the hall.
She’s pushing ‘gainst it
but it’s got her on the wall.
Buster rushes headlong
into the noisy fray,
determined to rescue her
and then save the day.
He snarls at it, snaps, barks
and of course growls.
Meanwhile the enemy
still yells and yowls.
Precious and Lily are cute
and both fast asleep,
when a frightful, noisy brute
breaks their slumber deep.
They leap down from the couch
and race across the floor,
their master is wrangling it
out the bedroom door.
Precious bites the head
Lily goes for the heels.
Their unbridled fury
is what the brute feels.
A good guard dog
will defend their house in each room,
and risk life and limb against...
the dreaded vacuum!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf


No situation is perfect
when things get broke,
its usually not funny
or thought as a joke.
But if you do things right
it can lessen the sting,
and to that dark moment,
some humor it can bring.
You’re mad as a wet hen
and throw a tennis shoe.
You hit the front window.
That can’t be fixed with glue.
‘Stead of apologizing
your raise your arms high,
”Yeah! Fifty-three points!
And on my very first try!”
Your buddy’s driving off,
you slap his window pane.
It splits and spider webs
some way you can’t explain.
“Dude, you’ve got custom glass
and, man, it’s all the rage!”
You try convincing him
like an actor on stage.
You’re playing a simple game
of molf at your dad’s.
The bat slips from your hand
it’s trouble for you lads.
It smashed the window
like a bullet from a gun.
You holler out,
”Oh yeah baby, that’s a home run!”

You’re getting in your car
and you drop your smart phone.
Your spouse looks over
as you wish you were alone.
“Did it break?
That phone is expensive to replace!”
”Nothing can withstand me!
Even this spendy case!”
You’re at a cocktail party
watching your dress.
You tip the champagne tray
creating quite the mess.
“Really, Edmund!
Is that the best you can butle!?”
Somehow screaming at him
makes the spill more subtle.
Like I said before,
it’s no good when things get broke
but take it from me-
an “I’ve shattered some things” bloke.
You might as well
use some style, panache and class,
if you’re gonna find yourself...
breaking something glass!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf


As the new year turned
I had some self-reflection,
in the form of a letter
signed with affection.
It was simply addressed,
”Dear, You Could Do Better”.
It showed my shortomings
from margin to header.
Here’s the letter from the top.
This is how it read:
“When you’re not wearing a hat-
that hair on your head!”
“I’ve seen flea-bitten dogs,
who suffer from the mange,
with better fur than you,
your hair-do needs a change!”
“I know guys all enjoy
a cold beer after work,
but looking at your stomach,
the beer you should shirk!”
“As for your employment
it’s a job—not career.
And just another reason
you’re drinking cheap beer!”
“Now, lets talk about
your current transportation.
A ‘92 Jetta’s
a bad situation!”
“Only one door works,
the belts squeal in the rain,
it breaks down bi-weekly,
don’t you find that a pain!?”
“I know what they say,
‘it’s not the car, it’s the man’.
Well, your persona
is more a can’t than a can.”
“I think you’ll agree
that a girl deserves better,
thanks for taking the time
to read this short letter.”
“This is just a start
to your each and every flaw.
Start working on them now.
Love, your mother-in-law.”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

The Shepherd’s Crook

Under a guiding star
that was shining so bright,
Aaron, an old shepherd,
tended his flock at night.
When his sheep were settled,
he whittled olive wood.
He used a sapling,
on end, seven feet it stood.
The shaft was smooth,
sturdy and as strong as a stone.
The hook on the top
was an old ram’s horn and bone.
He was carving by hand,
a unique shepherd’s crook,
created from tradition
not a guide or book.
The beam of wood was
a hard and hefty handle.
To shepherd the flock,
as a light from a candle.
It guides the whole flock
along the straight and narrow,
and can smite an enemy
swift as an arrow.
From wolves and raging lions
the shepherd defends.
As well as pulling from a pit,
the sheep he tends.
If a sheep falls along the way,
the horn hooks on.
To rescue the downed sheep
as the whole flock looks on.
This new shepherd’s crook,
hand-crafted by one so old,
was not intended to guide
his own humble fold.
The shepherd worked by night
by the light of the star.
When finshed,
he approached a stable not so far.
There, a newborn boy
lay in a manger of hay,
the shepherd gave his gift
and went along his way.
He leaned the new staff
on the crib of the child.
There in a lowly shack,
born so meek and mild.
Come as an infant,
who is now in peaceful sleep,
to serve as Good Shepherd, to us...
His fold of sheep.

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

Wish List

Gabe sat by Grandma Lynn
with his Christmas list.
“Let’s go over it
in case something was missed.”
Gabe held up his device
and slid to unlock.
He was working a tablet
before he could walk.
He opened an app
that had his wish list stored.
”Gram, if I get all this
then I really scored!”
“Look at this list!”
He swiped up and let the screen roll.
Grandma said, “That list sure beats
a lump of coal!”
”Yep, I type what I want
and it starts to search.
He pointed his finger
like a birdie perch.
“Grandma, what tablet
did you have as a girl?”
“Would you like to know?
I’ll give it a whirl.”
“Climb on down now, Gabe,
and if you are able,
open the right door
of the coffee table.”
”See that thick magazine?
Bring it up to me.”
“Grandma, what is this?
I just can’t wait to see!”
Gabe sat near grandma,
she stroked the front cover.
“All of us kids
would crowd around and hover.”
”You opened to a section,
clothes, books or toys.
It held great gift ideas
for both girls and boys.”
“We couldn’t ‘expand pic’
or ‘hover to zoom’
and weren’t allowed to take it
in the bathroom.”
“We spent days and days
creating our wish list,
and then go over it
so nothing was missed.”
“We’d tell mom and dad,
with notes not email,
and had to be prompt-
it was all by mail.”
“Boxes would arrive,
Mom would open and wrap,
and we’d stand there,
doing a little hand clap.”
“Christmas morning
we’d see what wishes came true,
and what surprises
arrived out of the blue.”
“We didn’t have a screen
to scroll on and look,
we flipped the pages
of a catalogue book.”
“As much as things change
the more they stay the same.
Let’s get back to your list...
I like this little game.”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

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