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Welcome to our landing spot highlighting the many poems from Flominic, who also is known as Dominic Farrenkopf. His poems will appear here regularly through the year. Weekly you can also find a printed copy at Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. For many, many other poems check his website.

Standing Pretty

I live right in town,
but like taking to the woods,
in search of deer
in their natural neighborhoods.
On the Friday before
hunting’s opening day,
three deer stood in my yard,
just a stone’s throw away.
I stepped on outside
to go to my storage shed.
Only one of the three
even lifted its head.
He had three nice points
on his youthful antler rack.
I looked him in the eye
and he calmly stared back.
I walked out to the shed
and came back with my gear.
This time a doe looked up
but just wiggled her ear.
I went out Saturday
for the food I would need,
I rounded the road’s corner
and had to take heed.
Five deer crossed the road,
remember, we’re still in town.
The fifth deer stopped in the way,
blinking eyes of brown.
Sunday morning
I went to sight in my rifle,
on an empty town lot
stood one, no mere trifle.
He was a six point
with a set of heavy beams.
He was just off the road
and the buck of my dreams.
I thought about his double
out roaming the hills,
which fueled my excitement
for the next day’s thrills.
I was up early Monday
and made it to camp,
and all opening week
through the woods I did tramp.
I did see some sign
and several deer running off.
I heard deer stomp and snort
a warning and a scoff.
As I got home,
a deer darted from my side yard.
I just about hit it
with my pickup’s grill guard.
My wife greeted me
and saw my empty truck bed.
I shrugged my shoulders
and matter-of-factly said,
“Country deer aren’t
lawn ornaments standing pretty.
They leave all that stuff...
to the deer from the city.”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

Picture Day

My son came home from school
with envelope in hand.
It announced the picture day
which would now be well planned.
Right away I called the barber
and scheduled a cut,
then raced off to the department store
like a cracked nut.
I bought him a button-up
and new pair of jeans,
then I explained to him
what picture day really means.
“One school day a year
I get you all groomed and dressed
for a lasting moment-
I want you to look your best.”
“You see, these photos are sent
to all our relatives
and your appearance
is the impression that it gives.”
“We’re trying hard to raise you
without competition,
but my envious sisters
have made it their mission.”
“They place all the kids’ photographs
on your grandma’s fridge,
and point out imperfections
even if it’s a smidge.”
“Grandma always takes the bait
and then I hear from her,
this year we’ll get the best of them
you can bet that, Sir.”
So, picture day came
and I sent him neat as a pin,
but that boy of mine
committed a cardinal sin.
When he came home that day
he was really quite a mess.
What had happened to him
was about anyone’s guess.
I didn’t think much of it,
you know, boys will be boys,
but when two weeks went by,
I certainly made some noise.
I looked at the photos
tucked neatly in the packet
right off I saw my son
in someone else’s jacket!
His hair was all messed up
and there was food on his face!
This was after I made sure
everything was in place!
This was a disaster!
I turned on him like a cat!
The smart answer that he gave me
made me sit down flat.
“What happened to you!?
Answer me now for goodness sakes!”
“Calm down and relax, Mom...
there is a thing called retakes!”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

The Game Ball

It was Friday Night Lights
and our big homecoming game.
My boys stormed the field,
looking anything but tame.
We got off to a great start
and had a halftime lead,
as the fourth quarter dwindled
we were starting to bleed.
Our offense had put up our points
as best as they could,
but with time fading
the scoreboard wasn’t looking good.
A minute forty-five was left
and close was the score.
We led by just two
and they were knocking on the door.
They had driven down deep
into our territory,
and were trying to deprive us
of hometown glory.
It was first and ten
from about the fifteen yard line.
They ran the option
my defensive end read their sign.
Their quarterback rolled out right
and before he could toss,
my end hit him in the backfield-
an eight-yard loss!
Now second and eighteen
from about the twenty-three,
they stacked trips left
hoping to get a receiver free.
We were playing zone coverage
as their QB dropped back.
My tackle blew the gap
and smothered him with a sack!
It was third and twenty-five
from about the thirty.
With a minute left
I screamed, “Clean plays, nothing dirty!”
They got to the line quickly
it looked like a screen play.
They snapped the ball,
as their QB rolled the other way.
My safety bit the screen,
their receiver showed his mitts,
I can’t explain it
but their quarterback missed our blitz!
My outside linebacker
unloaded a textbook hit!
“They’re out of field goal range!
It’s fourth and this-is-it!”
With just a few seconds left,
all of their guys went deep.
Their QB slung it-
we intercepted with a leap!
The grandstands then erupted
with a deafening noise!
We sang out our fight song
and then I gathered my boys.
“In this game,
individuals made play after play,
but I only have one game ball
to present today.”
“You’ll likely agree with me,
that this makes the most sense,
that I present the game ball...
to our stellar defense!”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf