We’ve all had fantasies of quitting a terrible job before, but prankster Peter Butterman does it one better by quitting at places that have never even employed him in this hysterical video.

Butterman tenders his resignation to random people in various stores and most react with confusion since they don’t recognize him. “Are you saying you work at this store now?,” asks one bewildered employee.

“See, this is a prime example,” says Butterman. “This is how people treat me every time I come in!”

The prankster then ups the ante by tearfully sobbing while he quits one job. “I think if you really believe you work here maybe you should go to the hospital,” says one woman. Another man laughs and accuses Butterman of being mentally ill.

But one woman at a fast food joint appears to completely buy into the prank. She even convinces the jokester to reconsider his decision and give at least two week’s notice. Hey, it beats getting fired from an imaginary job.