On a rainy day, this mink is happy to be in the water or to be in the rain. There's really not much difference to a mink. It was swimming in one of the ponds at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge this week.

It has a natural "wetsuit" that keeps it comfortable. All we know is that it probably is very happy to be through with snow this year. The snow would keep it from creeping through the tall grass and the ice would limit its ability to swim where it wants.

And again this year, stylists agree: The "wet look" is definitely "in" in mink circles.

Bob Danley of the Metcalf Refuge reports that the spring birds are arriving- robins and western Meadowlarks among them. His Metcalf Wildlife Journal is heard every Thursday during "Bitterroot Morning" news on KLYQ 1240 AM radio. And we archive many of the programs at our YouTube channel.

By the way, Danley will have a special public presentation Monday, March 20, at the Metcalf Refuge headquarters northeast of Stevensville. Bob will be talking about a tour he was on that traveled to some of the numerous Russian wildlife preserves. He'll have photos and will describe the preserve system in Russia.

It's part of this month's Bitterroot Audubon meeting and starts at 7 p.m. in the conference room of the refuge.