Neuroscience, infectious desease and Metabolomics - three subjects that 30 4-H members from around Montana will be studying through a a distance learning bioscience program from Montana State University in Bozeman. It's called BioScience Montana.

There are two teams from Ravalli County who've been selected for this program, funded by the National Institutes of Health. The students have already attended MSU campus for a week to kick off the classes, working with the MSU Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. They worked with students from MSU and UM in Missoula. Now, with the help of distance learning technology, they will experience a year of scientific research.

The two teams are:

  • Leader Wendi Fawns with Chloe Solorzano, Zach Jones and Star Lange.
  • Leader Holly Jones with Emily Jones, Alyssa Solorzano and Pamela Fawns.
  • The Neuroscience module concerns how the brain senses the world, the Infectious Disease module presents how humans and animals spread disease, and the Metabolomics module examines how nutrition and health are connected.

    The aim of the program is to give students experience in research, learning about technology, engineering and mathematics careers, discuss current topics and develop digital media and social networking projects.

    Teams are also in Cascade, Lake, Flathead, Sanders, Toole, and Lewis and Clark Counties.