Friday, October 30, Ravalli County Public Health recorded 30 new Positive COVID-19 tests, making a total of 280 active COVID cases in the valley. Of the active cases, nine people were hospitalized, as of Friday. And, sadly, another person has died due to complications of the coronavirus. Five Ravalli County residents have died from the infection. In Montana, over the weekend, The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services reported 887 new postive tests on Saturday and 694 on Sunday, November 1.

The Ravalli County Commissioners issued a COVID-related statement late last week, saying that "while it has never been within the purview of the County Commission to enforce public health directives, and our opinion has not changed regarding strict enforcement, we are encouraging all residents to educate and conduct themselves as safely as possible." The commissioners encouraged the public to wear a clean mask in public, wash hands and frequently used surfaces regularly, practice social distancing, avoid large gatherings and stay at home if you are sick.

Commissioners also emphasized that the public "respect and follow guidelines set by private businesses and public entities including schools." The full text is available on the Ravalli County official COVID=19 webpage.

Meanwhile, the Missoula County Sheriffs Office issued a warning that scammers impersonating Contact Tracers are making calls. Ravalli County Public Health said that contact tracers on the phone will never ask for financial information, Social Security or credit card numbers. Public Information Officer Joseph Hopkins noted that the nurses will ask you to confirm your name and address, date of birth, medical history, any symptoms you might have and whether you have been wearing masks and recent activities such as attending gatherings.

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