Ravalli County Public Health is being heavily tasked with new COVID-19 positive tests this week. Thursday, another 13 cases were added to the already large 58 active infections that are being tracked by the Health Nurses. And now there are 9 people hospitalized with the disease. New cases include: two teenage girls and one teen boy, a man and a woman in their 20s, 2 women and a man in their 30s, a woman in her 40s, a woman in her 50s, a man and a woman in their 60s, and a man in his 70s. The public report did not designate how the people were exposed to the corona virus, because the investigations are continuing. Again, the health officials are urging people to not let down their guard - wear the masks, wash your hands and watch your social distancing.

Elsewhere in Montana, the Flathead City-County Health Department reported two deaths Thursday. One of the deaths occurred September 26 - a Flathead area resident who was a patient at the Montana Veterans' Home died September 26. The death is attributed to COVID-19. It was the first such death at the facility. There have been 24 COVID-19 cases at the Montana Veterans Home (MVH) since August 5. Six staff members and one patient are considered active cases. The MVH is in Columbia Falls and is a Medicare-Medicaid and Veterans Administration-certified facility with over 100 beds and an Alzheimers unit. There are 91 residents there currently.

The statewide positive test results have been over 500 for three days in a row this week. The record day was Wednesday, October 8, with 733 infections reported.

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