Monday, Ravalli County Public Health reported another 5 positive tests for COVID-19. All of the new infections are from known active cases, according to information officer Joseph Hopkins. Two of the new cases are women in their 20s, one is a woman in her 70s, another is a woman in her 40s and the other is a man in his 70s.

Ravalli County now has 13 active cases of the coronavirus and health officials are again urging you to wear a mask, watch your social distancing and wash your hands often. If you feel sick, please stay home and do not see other people. That means no shopping or going to work. And, if you feel sick, call your health provider for more instructions. If you know you've been exposed to someone with COVID-19, yet you don't feel sick, please self-quarantine and call Public Health for information. Their telephone number is (406) 375-6672.

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