As of Tuesday afternoon, April 14, Ravalli County remained at 5 positive COVID-19 tests out of 225 tests submitted to the testing labs. Of those 220 were negative for the virus. Dr. Carol Calderwood of the COVID-19 Incident Management Team said that providers have adequate tests for patients who have the right symptoms and exposures. She said not everyone is tested because "the test is good for that date in time; it is not a prediction of the future." For instance, a person could test negative, but could develop symptoms a few days later. Massive testing could inundate the labs and lengthen "turn-around" time. Ravalli County test results currently have been returned in two to three days.

Over the weekend, two positive tests were from people who did not get the virus from travel. They were exposed to a previous "positive-test" person who was known to public health officials. That is a step below "community spread," which is when an infection is caused by "someone who has NOT been identified." KLYQ had mistakenly called it community spread Monday. Officials will note whether future cases are Community Spread or not.

Dr. Calderwood said, " It can't be stressed enough that now is NOT the time to relax what we are doing to prevent the spread. Yes, there are more cases, and probably will be more. That doesn't mean we can't slow the spread - hand sanitizer for yourself, sanitizing your car when completing an essential travel trip, having groceries delivered, distancing and (to err on the side of caution) start wearing a cloth face cover in areas where it's hard to maintain a distance of 6 feet."

Dr. Calderwood also thanked those people whoe have been identified as close contacts of infected people. Those who are in isolation or quarantine have been very cooperative and she that's "a contribution to the community that has been overlooked."