After the weekend, the Ravalli County Public Health Tuesday COVID-19 report on October 13 showed 49 new positive tests for the coronavirus, which brings the total number of active infections to 100 people in the Bitterroot Valley. Both numbers are the highest ever for this pandemic locally. Sadly, two more people have died from complications of COVID-19. There have now been four deaths from the disease in the county.

Nine of the active cases are hospitalized. All of the active cases are under current investigation by the Public Health staff. Of the new reports, 26 are female and 23 are male. Further details of ages and transmission sources will be released later. Providing more information is difficult while the staff handles the increasing volume of cases.

If you think you have been exposed to an infected person, check the Ravalli County official COVID-19 website for a "close contact" advice sheet, and contact your health provider. Again, for the general public - wash your hands often, wear a mask in public, avoid large crowds and be aware of social distancing.

Statewide, Montana continues to see a daily increase in COVID-19 positive tests. About a thousand new cases were reported in the last two days by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Officials at the Montana High School Association are adjusting the start of the winter high school sports activities due to the continuing uptick in cases throughout the state. Hamilton High School is facing at least two shutdown days because of the disease. Ravalli County officials are considering plans for further testing opportunities. KLYQ will provide more details as they become available.