With easing of Montana COVID-19 restrictions, the Ravalli County Commissioners on May 11th will open the county offices to the public, however, with new rules. The individual offices would prefer people call ahead of time to set up appointments, but limited walk-in traffic will be allowed. In most county government offices, it will be limited to only one person at a time in the main offices. The Treasurer's office and Clerk and Recorder/Elections Office can allow more than that, but the 6-foot distancing limit is required. The Commission, in directives issued Friday, May 8, also said that there will be no congregating of groups in any common area of the county buildings. The Ravalli County Museum is still closed until at least May 15.

There is a Primary Election Ballot Drop-off Center at the north end of the Administration building on South 4th Street in Hamilton, and election officials will also handle replacement ballots and voter registration there. As for public meetings, the Ravalli County Commissioners will limit the public to 12 at their meetings, with others able to watch online at the Ravalli County website. Other Ravalli County elected or advisory boards are required to limit meetings to 10 or less people with distancing limits. Otherwise, they must wait until Phase 2 Restrictions are put in place. By the way, the Montana directives do not allow county employees to leave the state for non-essential purposes. If they do, they are required to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days. The Ravalli County Commissioners will revisit the restrictions Friday, May 15, at 9:30 a.m.