Ravalli County Public Health reported 91 new Positive tests for COVID-19 over the weekend. In the Monday report, Director Tiffany Webber said that the staff has 785 open investigations ongoing.

She said the small staff has received needed help from several retired health care professionals, including Dr. Walker Ashcraft, Judy Griffin RN, Betsy Saylor RN, Kris Fuller RN and Anne Jackson RN.

Webber also recognized the efforts of Ravalli County's school nurses and other school staff members. She thanked Connie Johnson and Linday Gross in Stevensville, Maribeth Talia in Corvallis Julie Shepp in Florence and Marissa Williams in Hamilton, along with Rhonda Hansen at Hamilton, Chris Toynbee in Darby, Robert Dobell in Lone Rock and Lance Pearson in Victor.

Ravalli County Public Health is hoping to finish up work on a new, more automated online information system that will help with the huge volume of calls the staff is conducting to those with positive tests. The changes will be coming soon and will be using several online sites.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19:

  • Isolate at home, away from other household members.
  • Notify people who you think may have been exposed.
  • Direct those people to the "Close Contact" information on the Ravalli County COVID-19 website.
  • Health officials say that you can return to normal activities 10 days after you first notice symptoms, but ONLY if those symptoms have improved, and there are no new symptoms, AND you have not had a a fever in 24 hours. Keep wearing the masks, pay attention to social distancing and keep your social group small. Statewide, Tuesday morning Montana reported over a thousand new positive COVID-19 tests.

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