September 11's "Event Show" on KLYQ 1240 AM Radio had lots of rhyming when the winners of the Ravalli County Poetry Contest read their creations. The unusual broadcast happened because of the cancellation of the Ravalli County Fair, where the contest winners have gathered for the past 9 years. So, the 10th annual contest moved "on air" (and online) with Hamilton's radio station. There were about 50 entries this year in three age categories - Kindergarten-6th Grade, Grades 7-12 and Over 18. Winners won gift certificates from Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. Those who couldn't make it to the broadcast either recorded their poem ahead of time or had contest organizer Dominic Farrenkopf read it during the show. To stick with COVID-19 guidelines, the poets gathered with Dominic in the downstairs lobby of the Hamilton Business Plaza (see photo above), downstairs from the KLYQ studio, where host Steve Fullerton ran the program.

WINNERS: K-6 - 1st place - Josie Wolfe, 2nd place - Natalie Farrar, 3rd place - Tayvn Griffin. Finalists - Payton Lewis, Kemmi DeSharo, Vivian Svee, Nathan Keller, Lane Ellis.

WINNERS: grades 7-12 - 1st place - Casey Beard, 2nd place - Eden Smith, 3rd place - Landen Conner. Finalists - Natalie Hawkes, Tiani Ertel, Nyssa Schairer, Emilia Schairer.

WINNERS: Age 18 and up - 1st place - Linda Fifer, 2nd place - Starr Jameson, 3rd place - Allen Bjergo. Finalists - Melynds Mullan, Douglas E. Taylor, Kayle Maffei, Doug McConnaha, Linda Annin.

Next year, the contest will return to the Ravalli County Fair. Dominic urged poets to keep on writing. For instance, he writes a new poem each week for KLYQ's Event Show, heard on Fridays from 8am to 9am on 1240 AM KLYQ, and on the free KLYQ cellphone app.