Ravalli County Public Health received 100 doses of Moderna vaccine just before Christmas, according to Director Tiffany Webber. She said the training of staff has been completed, including reviewing protocols and running a mock drill for practice, with vaccinations against COVID-19 starting today.

However, only front line healthcare workers in the 1A category will be getting the vaccinations today. With more vaccine expected, Public Health is also scheduling Phase 1B workers for vaccinations when more vaccine is available. That category includes EMS, firefighters, police, dispatchers, dental, home health, hospice, funeral services and other first responders. If you are in that category, call 375-6671.

Positive tests for COVID-19 over the weekend were 17 on Saturday and 34 cases on Sunday, December 27. There was a break in the daily reports due to the Christmas weekend. Contact tracing was interrupted during Friday, but started up again on Saturday. There are 193 active COVID cases in Ravalli County as of 4 p.m. Monday.

The Moderna vaccine is one of two that have been approved by U.S. health officials. A third vaccine is nearing approval as testing is being completed. All vaccines have been reported to have at least 90 percent effectiveness.

Another reminder, the Vaccine Readiness Survey is a short survey that is available on the Ravalli County Sheriff's cellphone app. It will be available until January 4th.

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