Four young people have been infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus in Ravalli County. The Friday afternoon update from Ravalli County Public Health showed all four were teenagers between the ages of 15-19. There are now a dozen active COVID-19 cases in the valley with two people hospitalized.

The total number of positive cases in both Ravalli County and the state of Montana have shown major increases recently. Public Information Officer Joseph Hopkins said that in the county there were 17 total cases between March and June, but in this last month that total rose to 41. Meanwhile, Montana went from 852 total cases in late June to a 3,252 total in the same period.

Hopkins again stressed public health guidelines to slow the spread - keep your social circle as small as possible, wash your hands often, wear a mask in public and maintain a 6-foot minimum distance from others. If you have questions about COVID-19, call (406) 375-6672.

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