The total announced Friday night at Blacksmith Brewery in Stevensville was over $40,000 for the month-long fundraising effort for the Aid for Mammography Fund in Ravalli County.

The "Sprinkle Pink" campaign gathered money from merchants, individuals, high school sports teams, and the Mammo-Men - a dozen guys who dressed up in pink costumes and through the month raised over $6,000. John Ormiston (wearing the hat in the photo with Forrest Gump) was the top money-maker for the Mammo-Men. Forrest, by the way, was a main ingredient of the stage presentation "Sprinkle Gumption" at the Stevensville Playhouse last month that raised over $1,300.

Dan Severson (with microphone and wig in photo) of Valley Drug and Variety helped sponsor the Grand Finale at Blacksmith Brewery during Stevensville's "First Friday" events. It was a full house of Sprinkle Pink supporters as the final totals were announced.

The money donated during Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be matched by Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton for the fund that provides mammograms to women who cannot afford the screening. It was established years ago by the Soroptimists of Hamilton and has seen huge fundraising efforts spread through the county in the last three years.