The rehearsals started last week for February's run of "Something's Afoot" at the Hamilton Playhouse.

The photo shows you an empty auditorium. It's what the cast sees every night as they run through the lines, songs and steps that make up the comic musical murder mystery, very loosely based on Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians."

The cast includes a couple of actors who were in the play when it became the first presentation in the newly remodeled Hamilton Playhouse 20 years ago.

Russ Lawrence and Laurie Boulter are joined by Sasha Brooks, Mary Borden, Rick Borden, Lydia Jessop, Peter Allen, John Wilson, Terry Croghan and Hoyt Mangrum.

The show will open February 19 and run for three weekends. Ticket sales will start soon at the playhouse box office at (406) 375-9050.