The 2021 school elections were low-key this year. No mill levies or bonds were on the six district ballots. However, there were quite a few races for positions on various school boards. The mail-in ballots were collected from the U.S. Post Office and two drop sites - one in Hamilton and one in Lone Rock. The Ravalli County election judges, under the direction of Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg, tallied the votes.

The Unofficial final results: (10 p.m. May 4)
Hamilton School District #3:
3 three-year terms
Drew Blankenbaker 1384
Tim Campbell 1397
Patrick Hanley 1346

Eli Kent Johnson 1037
Larry Lee 598
Richard Hulse 574
Daniel McNeely 531

Corvallis School District #1:
2 three-year terms
Mark Fornier 1082
Carol Peterson 710

Todd Wyche 691
Stacy Ann Cortes 681
Helen Sabin 297
1 unexpired term
Cameron Criddle 935
Tonia Bloom 731
Marc Sabin 308

Darby School District #9:
2 three-year terms
Kristie Heiland 637
Peter Ehmann 470

Ryan Smith 413
1 unexpired term
Ashley Christopherson 785

Stevensville School District #2:
2 three-year terms
Cathleen Cook 1007
Sarah Armijo 901

Jesse Reeves 798
2 unexpired terms
Daniel Mullan 745
Stephanie Esch 738

Kristopher KcKoy 638
Frances "Frannie" Schmitz 579

Stevensville / Lone Rock School District:
1 three year Stevi high school term
Jennifer Gunterman 222
Breanna Gum 154
Leda Turnage 142
Rachel Lewis 114

Lone Rock School District #13
1 three-year term
Cody Houtchens 291
Ray Larson Sr 218
Brandon Williams 128

Victor School District #7:
1 three-year term
Steve Wilson 452
Lori Wilson 108
Jared Thompson 106

The Ravalli County commissioners will canvass the votes and turn the official final results over to the individual districts.

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