A Missoula man who allegedly chased a vehicle on Highway 93 South near the intersection of Blue Mountain Road and brandished a handgun at the occupants appeared in justice court Monday afternoon.

Brian Parini, 40, appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail. According to court documents, a Missoula family was driving towards Missoula and attempted to pass Parini's vehicle, which was driving at a very slow rate of speed. Parini then moved in front of the other vehicle and 'brake-checked' the other driver. At the intersection of Blue Mountain Road, the other driver attempted to turn, but Parini allegedly brandished a black handgun in a holster and cursed at the man and his family. The other driver sped ahead and contacted 9-1-1. Parini was apprehended a few minutes later and was found to be in possession of a black handgun in a holster.

Missoula Deputy County Attorney Shawn Thomas asked Judge Karen Orzech for $20,000 bail.

"In this case the State is asking for $20,000 bail," Thomas said. "The defendant has a prior felony conviction and his criminal history shows several revocations of that sentence. He just recently got off of felony probation and is federally prohibited from even possessing this gun. Therefore, the State is requesting bail of $20,000."

Parini's attorney appeared in the courtroom to argue that his client has numerous serious medical issues, and is on heavy prescription drugs. He asked Judge Orzech for a reduced bail, so that his client could receive the medical attention he needed. Orzech reduced the bail amount to $10,000.

Parini has been released on bond, and will appear again on April 20. Judge Orzech cautioned Parini that if he offends with a handgun again, the bail would be set at $100,000.

No one was injured in the incident.