The next meeting of the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) Community Liaison Group will be Monday, April 10.

Ken Pekoc of the Hamilton facility said the regular update meeting for neighbors will be at the Golden Age Club at 7 p.m. The Golden Age Club is right next to the lab property at 727 South 5th Street.

Pekoc said that the lab will present the status of continuing construction projects at the federal campus.

There will be updates on recent research in antibiotic resistance. A recent news release detailed work of immune response of the Zika virus, which has seen outbreaks in South and Central America.

That study showed how the Zika virus interferes with interferon immune (IFN) response, suggesting that other parts of the human immune system play a role in infection control.

Researchers at the Hamilton lab worked with mice to see how adaptive immune cells (T cells and B cells) could stop infection of the brain. The study also indicated that pregnancy could hamper the human response to Zika, allowing the virus to spread. The study continues.

The neighborhood meeting is open to the public. The Community Liaison Group meeetings started in 2002 and includes representatives of local government, schools, business, medical and emergency services, along with civic groups.