In the early morning hours, the sun literally sheds light on where the Sawtooth forest fire spread across the face of Downing Mountain, directly west of Hamilton.

The fire made a major run during a 24-hour period in early September, causing about 400 homes to be put under an evacuation order. But, the smoke from the fire prevented anyone from seeing the burned area. And, in the following weeks, smoke from Idaho fires also covered the mountainside.

This weekend, it was evident to see the blackened area on over half the eastern face of the mountain - in two areas generally. The largest is to the left, adjacent to Sawtooth Canyon and the other is on the right at Owings Creek. In the middle, you can see the Downing Mountain Lodge and the cell and broadcast towers that were threatened by the fast-moving flames.

Oh, yes, on top of the mountain - a welcome dusting of snow.