Ravalli County voters are casting their ballots in the public school elections. All the districts are electing new members of their school boards and Stevensville has two bond issues on the ballot. By now, voters should have received their ballots in the mail, sent out by the county election office. Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg told KLYQ that voters should open the envelope, mark the ballot, put it in the green secrecy envelope. Put that envelope in the brown envelope, sign it and send it in. Voters can also bring the ballots to a ballot box at the Clerk and Recorders office in the Administration Center on the 200 block of South 4th Street in Hamilton. But Plettenberg cautions voters about the Ballot Interference Prevention Act, which was approved by voters in the last election. If you are bringing in more than one ballot - such as your spouse's ballot, you must sign a registration form so that officials can determine if you are authorized to bring in that ballot. The forms are there at the ballot box, or you can look online at the Ravalli County website for a form that you can bring with you. If you're just bringing your own ballot, no problem. Just drop it in the box.

Stevensville School district #2 is asking voters to approve two bond issues - a $6,369,000 elementary bond and a $14,169,000 high school bond. The money is needed for building improvements on the school campus. Hamilton voters will choose two board trustees from five candidates - Heidi Apedaile, Curtis L. Brickley Jr., James Ellis, Seith Galewyrick and Rebekah Stamp. Corvallis has four people running for two positions - Tonia Bloom, Lindsay Buhler, Jennifer S. Channer and Patrick Daly. Darby will fill two positions from Rosemary M. Griffin, Matthew Locati, Gina Macilwraith and Eric Winthers. Victor's two positions has six candidates - Tommy Dobberstein, Ron Marshall, Roy D. Perry, Paul Rosen, Jack R. Varner and Ron Wirth. Lone Rock has three board openings and six candidates - Colleen Schmiedeke, Margaret Nelson, William Gary Leese, Travis Hardy, Trish Foster and Elizabeth H. Ballard. And Florence-Carlton's two trustees will come from three candidates - Kimberly R. Cellan Bauer, Robert Cook and Matt Reeves. Ballots must physically be in the county election office by 8 p.m. May 7th. So, make sure you allow time for that to happen if you mail it.