"A Comedy of Errors" set in 1950s New York makes me think of the backseat of a '57 Chevy ... in a funny way.

And I'm sure it will be funny when MSU's Shakespeare in the Parks brings the William Shakespeare play to the large lawn of Sapphire Lutheran Homes in Hamilton.

The basic language of the Bard remains the same, but the traveling troupe likes to time-shift things. Over the years, we've seen plays set in the Roaring 20s, the Old West and now, the early Rock 'n Roll years.

Chris DuVal is the director and the usual mistaken identities will drive the actors - and the audience - wild.

The show is free of charge, Wednesday, August 10, thanks to a number of sponsors and Sapphire Lutheran Homes. It will start at 6 p.m., so they can finish before sunset.

Get there on time. You don't want to miss a minute. Dominic says concessions will be available.

Be there or be square.