The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is seeking information about a truck that was stolen along Interstate 90 on Sunday morning.

Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett said the incident began when the truck's owner called for a tow, but the tow truck driver actually found the truck, loaded onto a dolly, several miles further up the interstate.

"The truck was found on top of a dolly which had a flat tire," Bassett said. "A deputy went out there and found that someone had tried to steal the truck and had blown a tire on the dolly," Bassett said. "The thief abandoned both the dolly and the truck."

Bassett said another deputy had actually captured dash-cam photos of the alleged thief while he was loading the truck onto the dolly.

"We're just asking if anyone recognizes the truck or the driver that they call Five Valley Crimestoppers at 721-44-44."