The Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee needs six more members. The Bitterroot National Forest has applications available on-line or at any of the Bitterroot National Forest offices in Ravalli County.

The council is an 18-member panel that examines and approves various projects on the Bitterroot Forest or that benefit the county's ecosystems. Since 2001, the RAC has approved more than $1.6 million for projects like the Blodgett Pass reconstruction. (see photo) The pass was blocked by a rockslide and the trail was re-opened in a RAC project this summer. Grants come from the Secure Rural School and Community Self-Determination Act.

A committee member serves a 4-year term with monthly meetings. It is a volunteer position and the committee has representation from industry, environmental groups and elected officials, among others. The applicants are evaluated on their education, training and experience, along with knowledge of the area. The Secretary of Agriculture makes the final appointment decision.

Applications are due by January 15. Joni Lubke has more information at (406) 363-7182.