Montana 38 is the Skalkaho highway and until this week has been closed for the winter and early spring season. It is now open, according to the Montana Department of Transportation website. The road, which is partially paved with a lot of dirt road in-between, is not for "high profile" vehicles like motorhomes. However, for many Bitterrooters, it's a nice route to get to Phillipsburg and Rock Creek - and beyond to Anaconda and Butte.

Of course, in the midst of your drive, before you get to the actual pass, there's a pretty nice waterfall. Skalkaho Falls is always running full in the late spring and early summer and is one of the most photogenic natural features in the Bitterroot Valley. If you go, drive carefully and watch out for mountain sheep and oncoming vehicles.

Mountain sheep. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)

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