The afternoon report Monday, March 30, from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services showed an increase of 6 positive cases. There were 2 new detections in both Gallatin County and Yellowstone County and 1 in each Park County and Deer Lodge County. As of 4 p.m., Bozeman has 69, Billings 28, Missoula 12, Silver Bow 9, while Lake County has 3 and Ravalli County still at 1. Statewide, 12 people are hospitalized and there have been four deaths. Total positive cases in Montana are 177 with 4,411 tests administered so far.

Ravalli County's COVID-19 Incident Management Team's leader, Dr. Carol Calderwood had this statement Monday:
“We –friends, neighbors, emergency services, pastors, the Incident Management Team collectively and personally are tired of hearing about COVID-19. We want our lives to be ‘back to normal’. You want your life to ‘get back to normal.’ It is going to be a while yet. It is much better if we look at it in terms of a couple more months than weeks. If something happens sooner, it is a relief. Otherwise, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.
"If you have suggestions about how we can keep encouraging our residents, let us know. As the cases in Montana, United States and the world continue to spread, our self-monitoring, distancing and essential travel needs to continue.
This isn’t an expensive prescription that some people can’t afford. Everyone can do this. All it cost is some time to think, to question yourself, and respect your neighbors and communities. The words: quarantine, self-quarantine, distancing, self-monitoring, shelter in place, stay at home, lockdown, essential travel...although technically have somewhat different meanings, the end result is the same. Stay away from other people –6ft., and stay at home unless it is essential (which includes out of state visitors, guests or customers). In our rural area, we rely on services and goods from adjacent counties. It is ok. We need to trust each other that we’re doing is essential." The Ravalli County COVID Team reports are at the Ravalli County website.