Monday morning, January 12, the astronauts aboard the International Space Station used the 58-foot-long Canadarm 2 to grapple the SpaceX supply ship Dragon and hook it up to the ISS.

The reusable supply capsule was successfully launched last week and NASA is relying on SpaceX to keep sending supplies to the orbiting space station.Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, wants to re-use the launch boosters, too. Engineers tried to land last week's booster on a floating platform in the ocean, but it didn't work. Another such landing will be attempted again, possibly on the next launch.

Meanwhile, the supply ship arrived at the ISS and the astronauts pulled it in a little ahead of schedule and started unloading the supplies, which included delayed Christmas presents. Commander Dave Wilmore controlled the robot arm to grapple the capsule. He watched from the ISS's cupola (see photo).

Here's the 6-minute video released by NASA this morning.

After a month, the Dragon will be filled with completed experiments and other material and will be sent back to Earth.