A student's senior project brought together dozens of emergency personnel to show Stevensville students what happens following a car wreck.

The "It's Your Choice" project April 7 had a two-fold mission - to warn students about making bad choices in life that could lead to life-threatening and life-ending events and to show the expertise of Ravalli County's first responders.

The set-up Tuesday morning at the Stevensville football field involved two cars. The scene was immediately after a head-on accident between a vehicle with young people being hit head-on by a car driven by a drunk teen. Volunteer students in the cars underwent makeup sessions to show massive injuries.

Loudspeakers played the dispatch radio calls as Stevensville Police, Ravalli County Sheriff's Officers, Montana Highway Patrol, Stevensville Volunteer Fire Department, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital ambulances, Butte Life Flight helicopter and Whitesett Mortuary arrived.

Concluding the demonstration, the senior project organizer Trevor Motley addressed the grandstand of Stevensville students, telling of how seat belts had saved his life.

Counselors were also available for students who might not have been able to handle the scenario. The project also was supported by Wimps Body Works, Buckle Up Montana and KLYQ Radio.

Stevensville Volunteer Firemen use "Jaws of Life" to extricate one of the "victims." (Fullerton Photo)