ATR held its fourth annual art contest for high school students and Thursday, April 12, they announced awards at its Hamilton Main Street office. The room was filled with entries in three divisions - sculptures, paintings and drawings. There were 140 entries this year from most valley schools and cash awards were given to the top five in each division. ATR - Smart Procedures, a national software company with offices in Hamilton and Texas, partnered with local organization, "Artists Along the Bitterroot" and Montana Bliss Artworks studio in Hamilton. Barbara Liss announced three students who were selected for free workshops with established adult artists of Artists Along the Bitterroot.

"Best of Show" went to Caelen Devall of Hamilton, who also won first place in Painting with his piece “Traces of Montana Luumber Industry.”

Other winners:
Painting - Caelen DeVall - 1st, Jeremiah Farraro - 2nd, Samantha Riggs - 3rd, Alexis Val - 4th, Grace Edgar - 5th.
Drawing - Shelby Pallo - 1st, Carson Rostad - 2nd, Tucker Jones - 3rd.
Sculpture - Jakob Nygaard - 1st, Megan Chapman - 2nd, Taylor Harris - 3rd, Alexis Val - 4th, Grace Edgar - 5th.

Elliot Lander of ATR. who announced the winners, said there were a record high 140 entries this year from high schools in Darby, Florence, Victor, Corvallis and Hamilton. Cash prizes totaled $4,500 this year.

Barbara Liss addresses the the crowd at ATR. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)