Very few stereo hacks can make you wonder if reality is just the random creation of a vibration of pure energy. At the most, they usually make you question if the audiohead showing it to you has too much time on their hands.

This one, however, is a different story.

YouTube user Brusspup found a rather interesting side effect of his subwoofer and a couple of drops of water. They seem to ignore the very rules of physics.

If you don’t believe the video is genuine, you can try it for yourself. Just run a plastic tube from a bucket in front of a subwoofer and let the water drop in front of it. Run the subwoofer on a sine wave of 24 hz and record it on a camcorder that records at 24 frames per second. The vibration syncs up with the frame rate and makes it appear that the water has frozen in mid-air on the video: in real life, it just streams as normally, but it creates a neat optical illusion on camera.

We know that kind of ruins the magic of it, but we wanted to try it for ourselves. See, there’s a reason you learn physics in high school.