My boys love sports. They play all kinds. However, we usually have a break from them in the summer and try to focus on fishing and camping. This doesn’t mean my kids still don’t want to play sports, though.

I think games played in the summer should be a little bit more fun than sports played during the rest of the year. Finding a way to mesh the best parts of summer and sports is an awesome way to get some exercise outside.

Thanks to Pinterest and a little help from my own imagination, I’ve compiled a list of summer sports I’m going to play with my kids this summer. Check it out. You just might find some you can’t wait to try with your kids too.

Night time bowling – take 10 plastic water bottle, put a glow stick in each one and then set them up in a bowling pin pattern. Set them up on your lawn and enjoy a little bowling in the dark.

Water balloon baseball – Fill a big bucket or cooler full of water balloons and play a game of America’s favorite pass time. Have a little fun while you’re getting some exercise.

Mud bog volley ball – Hose down a big patch of dirt so it turns into nice thick mud. Place your volley ball net in the middle of the patch and enjoy a cool game of mud bog volley ball on a nice hot summer day.

Slippery Twister – Lay your twister mat out on the lawn. Fill each colored circle with shaving cream died with food coloring that is the same color as the circle. If you thought twister was difficult before, try it now.

Capture the flag color war - Give each team a set of balloons that is filled with water dyed one color and the other team a set of balloons filled with water dyed another color. Put each team’s flag on the opposing team’s turf. When a player is hit with an opposing team’s balloon, they are out. . Whichever team gets their flag first wins.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.