A 37 year-old Missoula man was taken into custody on Saturday at Splash Montana after he was caught allegedly videotaping adult women in the family changing area. Lieutenant Scott Brodie with the Missoula Police Department says the as yet unidentified man was in the handicapped restroom stall while he reached over the top to videotape the women.

One of the husbands of the victims detained the suspect until police arrived. Brodie says several pieces of evidence were recovered and investigators interviewed several witnesses at the scene.

Missoula Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gauckler said the staff at Splash Montana has been well-trained in security procedures. The entire area is surrounded by a fence, and there is a security camera at the front entrance that covers the cashier area.

Brodie said the man will be charged in justice courtwith felony burglary and felony tampering with evidence within the next few days.

Missoula Police Lieutenant Scott Brodie

Missoula Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gauckler