City election ballots will be mailed out at the end of the week in Ravalli County. Residents of Hamilton, Darby and Stevensville will be voting on city government positions. But some county residents will be asked to approve a bond at the public swimming pool in Hamilton.

A $6 million dollar renovation and construction bond is on the ballots for Hamilton and Corvallis voters, who live in the Bitterroot Aquatic Center Park District. The initial bond that established pool 20 years ago will be paid off next year. Another one is proposed to takes its place. Pool Manager Fern Schreckendgust said that this 20-year bond would remodel bathrooms and upgrade equipment such as the water pumping system. The main project, however, would be covering the outdoor pool and splash pool, remodel the entrance and offices and improve the parking area. The changes would allow year-round use of almost all of the facility, instead of only the small indoor heated pool during the fall and winter.

Schreckendgust said, “This is a big dream. We’ve been working on it hard for three years, but we’ve been dreaming of it for ten, so here we are.” Open house presentations are planned at the pool on Kurtz Lane for October 17 and October 23.
The ballots need to be returned to the Ravalli County election office by November 5th.

New plan for pool enclosure. (MMW Missoula)