Fresh Snow on the Mountains
The Ravalli County Fair is over, the nights are getting colder, and there's fresh snow on the tops of the Bitterroot Mountains west of Hamilton. This photo is from Sunday morning, September 6.
Though the fair is complete (with a huge crowd on Saturday), the activities continue into Autumn, and w…
Autumn at the Ravalli County Museum
The recent wind has knocked down much of valley's leaves, but it's still a great looking autumn. This photo is from last weekend alongside the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton, looking up. The museum is one of the organizations supporting the new valley-wide event - ARTrageous, celebratin…
Bitterroot River in Autumn
The days are numbered for beautiful fall colors. I've noticed more and more trees lookin' bare and cold. The weather-guessers are predicting cold and windy conditions Sunday night and Monday. So, in celebration of the great weeks of fall weather in Ravalli County, here's another photo…
The Pros and Cons of Fall
You may have noticed by the bite in the air or the goo in your eyes -- fall is here! We have mixed emotions about this, so we thought we'd treat it like every person we've ever dated and make a thorough pro/con list about it before it never returns our calls anyway.

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