Kalispell Montana Depression
Before I moved to Missoula, I lived in Kalispell and had made many good friends over the course of years that I stayed there. Back in 2004, money never really seemed to be too much of an issue. But then again, that was before the entire global market came to a screeching halt. Since then, the lack of jobs and income has washed up large cities like Detroit and even as close as Spokane. We thought t
Montana 4-H Celebrates 100 Years
It’s Western Montana Fair week in Missoula, which means the fairgrounds will be a hub of activity through Sunday. While most fair-goers show up for the food, games and rides, the fair is so much more than ring tosses and corn dogs. If you really want to experience the spirit of this annual summertime tradition, head over to the animal exhibits and see what the local 4-H kids have been up to for th