‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Tops 2016 MTV Movie Awards Winners
Although the 2016 MTV Movie Awards won’t air until tonight, the awards actually took place on Saturday night, April 9, and we have the full list of nominees and winners — you know, just in case you’re feeling particularly antsy or won’t be around to watch the awards because you have actual plans (like watching Vinyl, or something). Unsurprisingly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was (or is?) the big winner of this year’s awards, but Deadpool also pulled in a couple of golden popcorn trophies.
The Best Reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs
The highlight of last night's VMAS, MTV's annual reminder that they're still tangentially related to the music industry, was easily the multiple shots of stars reacting to Miley Cyrus' super awkward performance. Oh, also 'N Sync reunited or something and provided an answer to "what does Chris Kirkpatrick look like these days"?
2013 MTV Movie Awards Winners
The 2013 MTV Movie Awards winners, though by no means as hyped as, say, the 2013 Oscars, are a fun affair nonetheless. Most of the awards, with exceptions to the "specialty" categories, are voted on by the fans, which means many of the titles that got snubbed during awards season now have another chance for the recognition many believe they deserve.