Go Here: The Spam Museum in Minnesota
A visit to their website will tell you that "few experiences in life are as meaningful and meaty-filled as those you’ll have at the magnificent SPAM Museum." Such a grandiose claim is enough to pique our interest.
Go Here: Star Trek Museum in Vulcan, Alberta
Remember when we used to make fun of Canadians? We'd laugh and laugh about how silly it was to live in the tundra, and how they had funny accents and rode caribou and stuff. Then they got universal health care, and we all sort of shut up. Well, they also have a Star Trek Museum in a town called…
Arcade Spotlight: The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, NV
Let me get this out of the way first -- I LOVE the Pinball Hall of Fame. Whenever I get the chance to leave the smog and muck of Los Angeles for the heat and muck of Las Vegas, I make sure to always stop by one of the greatest places for pinheads on the planet. You'll love this edition of the A…