Reason 2,423,877 to Quit Smoking: It Ruins Sleepy Time
As the surgeon general helpfully details on every pack of cigarettes, there are many health problems associated with smoking. But here's a new one: Smoking can cause restless nights.
German researchers surveyed the sleep habits of 1,100 smokers and 1,200 non-smokers...
Lose Weight With A Good Night’s Sleep
The weight loss industry has come out with a seemingly unending supply of new miracle products meant to help us in our pursuits to fit into a smaller pair of jeans, but, according to a new study, the most helpful diet tools might just be a comfortable pillow and a solid eight hours
Who Is Falling Asleep On the Job?
If you have a desk job, nodding off at your keyboard could get you a lousy performance review. But if you’re a transportation worker, on-the-job grogginess could actually put people’s lives at risk.