Star Trek Discovery

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Klingons Might Look Completely Different
The unveiling of Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness gave further indication of how modern Trek might expand upon classic alien designs, so might CBS’ upcoming Star Trek: Discovery do the same? An apparent leak from the set purports to show Klingons looking very different than we’re used to, potentially shaking up continuity in the process.
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has ‘Completely Different Point of View,’ Says Brent Spiner
Even as precious few details of Bryan Fuller’s CBS Star Trek: Discovery have been made clear, it stands to reason that Fuller has in mind a different take on the Trek universe than the five series that wore it out in the first place. Next Generation star Brent Spiner now confirms as much, calling Fuller’s take “a completely different point of view,” as well answering if we can expect a Data cameo of some kind.