Cool New Muscle Car Postage Stamps Feature Iconic Autos
You may think of the U.S. Postal Service as a dusty and outmoded institution, and we wouldn't argue with you, but it seems the good ol’ USPS is still doing something right. Just check out its latest batch of cool Forever Stamps featuring classic Muscle Cars...
50 Cents for a Stamp?
Facing huge budget shortfalls, the United States Postal Service has proposed solutions including closing hundreds of post offices and eliminating Saturday deliveries. Now it may be considering jacking up the price of stamps, too.
Post Office Closures Delayed
Decisions about possible US Post Office closings will be delayed until May of 2012. The Postal Service made the announcement Dec 14, saying that Congress would get time to address to agency's financial problems.
US Senator from Montana Jon Tester reacted favorably to the announcement, saying that…
Sula Post Office – Please Forward to New Address?
Last week, Sula residents were notified that they might lose their post office.
With severe budget problems, the US Postal Service is examining ways to save money. As it has done before, the Postal Service is looking at consolidation of postal areas and closing some smaller post offices...