For Women Only
Ladies, do you remember your preteen years? Do you remember those talks you had with your girlfriends? The ones who had older sisters? The talks about the red death? The crimson tide? Aunt Flo?
Makeup Confidence
Here’s a joke that my boys love to tell. Question. Why do girls wear makeup and perfume? Answer. Because they’re ugly and they stink. Funny, right? Maybe if you’re a 10-year old boy who still thinks that girls are gross and may possibly have cooties.
Men and Women Ad Swap
I know people think that men and women are created equally, but I’m here to tell you that they aren’t. There are just some things that women can do and make look good that men just can’t. No matter how sexy and seductive men try to be, they just can&Cl…
Man Purse
Like most wives, I love to torture my husband by handing him my purse to hold when we are in a store. In fact, sometimes I will find something to try on that I’m not even interested in buying, just so he has to hold my purse. I know this is cruel but it is also really funny. Sometimes I even point a…
The Difference Between Men and Women is a Nail
The difference between men and women are that women have nails stuck in the foreheads. Not really, but a You Tube video does a great job of outwardly showing the inner difference between men and women. I don’t think I’ve seen anything else that comes close to doing as…

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