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Mike at KYSS-FM writes:

I've lived in Montana for a little over a year now, but I don't own a ton of Montana clothing. I've got a Griz t-shirt, and that might be it? So I figured I had to do some snooping around online and check out some of my options. Here's what I found.

1. Big Sky Country T-Shirt

It tells people this is Big Sky Country, there's a bear on it, and it tells you when Montana was founded. You couldn't get more Montana if you tried.


2. Retro Sunshine T-Shirt

Just a cool design that shows off your love of the mountains in Montana.


3. Montana Mountains T-Shirt

And if you really want to show off your love of the mountains, here's one that places a little more emphasis on them.


4. 406 Area Code T-Shirt

Show your appreciation for the 406 by wearing the numbers with pride!


5. Bear Arrows T-Shirt

Hey, it's got a bear, it's got arrows, what else do you need in a t-shirt?