As fans of 'The Big Bang Theory' well know there are one or two things about society that egghead Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) finds a trifle superfluous. Yet you'd think for all the childish pursuits he and his fellow 'Big Bang Theory' nerds undertake, he'd be a bit more open to the magic of Christmas. Will the latest episode of CBS' mega-hit comedy "The Santa Simulation" find a way to change his mind? Check out a sneak peek inside to find out!

Sheldon may finally receive the spirit of Christmas in this Thursday's all-new 'The Big Bang Theory" episode "The Santa Simulation," as he and the gang undertake an epic "Dungeons and Dragons" round that incorporates some of the more fantastical holiday elements. But will the theoretical physicist find a way to embrace the more human aspects of the holiday? From the official CBS press description:

Sheldon revisits some Christmas memories during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, while Penny, Bernadette and Amy try to find a girl for Koothrappali when he joins the girls for ladies' night.

As the below clip from the episode proves, no one will have an easy time selling Sheldon on the idea of Christmas, though you might be surprised by what gets the ball rolling with stockings.

Check out the latest clip from 'The Big Bang Theory's Christmas episode "The Santa Simulation" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!