No, it's not a stage of the Tour de France, but the Bitterroot Land Trust is having their fifth annual "Tour of the Bitterroot" bike ride Sunday, July 21.

The 48-mile Non-competitive "Skalkaho Mountain Tour" will begin promptly at 7 a.m. at Red Barn Bicycles on Sleeping Child Road. Riders will quickly move to the Skalkaho Highway and then turn onto forest roads #75 and #720 to bring them up into the mountains and down onto Sleeping Child Road to head downhill back to Red Barn bicycles.

Organizers say the tour is open to all ages.

There's a short 18-20 mile "up and back" tour on Sleeping Child road, and a kids' dirt track tour on McCarthy Loop, near Red Barn Bicycles.

A caution to both bikers and motorists - the roads will remain open to both bicycles and vehicles. So, be gracious and share the road.

The route will be posted and volunteers will be on hand for any trouble-shooting.

At noon, a barbeque will start up for all participants.