I know the title of this article is an old-fashioned term, but it's accurate. Besides that, when the Bitterroot School of Music holds a fundraiser, they could actually misspell it for a very good reason - it's a FUN-raiser. First of all, FREE admission. Then, you'll be treated to a jam-packed evening of musical talent. This year's annual event will be at Hamilton's City Hall community room on South 2nd Street Saturday, May 5, starting about 6 p.m. As always, there will be student recitals, which showcase some of the incredible budding talent we have here in the Bitterroot, but that's just the start.

Three members of the popular local group Shakewell will be on stage as the "Shaky Trio," including Cove Jasmin, who is also an instructor at the Bitterroot School of Music. There will adult beverages for sale from Bitterroot Brewery, a Cinco de Mayo style buffet and a silent auction.

Oh, and only a limited number of tickets will be sold for their special raffle of an incredible banjo. (If you win, I'm pretty sure they can arrange lessons for you.) The Bitterroot School of Music is located at Rooted Music on the corner of Marcus and Skeels on the east edge of Hamilton. Jenn Adams says the funds are needed to enlarge the classroom space and also to provide scholarships, increasing the opportunities for those who'd like to learn to play an instrument.